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Yoga Sense was founded by Mary Esther Middleton in January 2004. Her goal is to share her love for her yoga practice in order to create an atmosphere of comfort and ease in which each individual evolves into her or his personal yoga practice.

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Mary Esther

Learn about yamas and niyamas.

Mary Esther has been practicing yoga since 1997. She is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance at the 200 hour level. She attended the Living Yoga Program teacher training in June 2003. She enjoys studying and sharing what she knows about yoga!

Her yoga classes are taught from her heart, with compassion and humor. Each gentle class blends breathing and stretching techniques to enable you to enhance and explore your mind and body awareness. She encourages you as you become more limber, flexible and relaxed.

Besides increasing strength, flexibility, coordination and range of motion, yoga also assists in reducing stress and anxiety, decreasing blood pressure and slowing the respiratory rate.

Mary Esther assists you in evolving your own personal yoga practice, becoming more comfortable in the yoga postures (asanas), learning breathing techniques (pranayama), and more!

Mary Esther is available to teach private, semi-private and corporate classes. She also works with breast cancer survivors.

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