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Qi Gong for Transitions

Credit to Vicki Dello Joio, A Way of Joy Chi Kung


Riding the Chi of Change

1. Release - Exhale
Question: What do you need to let go of right now to be fully present in your next activity?
Meditation: I release anything that no longer serves me.
Physical: Stand with feet hip distance apart adn slightly turned out. Begin with your hands next to one another in front of the abdomen with your palms facing down. Move your hands away from one another out past our hips.

2. Draw in - Inhale
Question: What am I drawing in that feeds my confidence and nourishes my joy?
Meditation: I welcome new, nourishing energy as I move forward.
Physical: Draw the backs of your hands towards one another with your fingers pointing down. Leading with your wrists, draw your hands up the centerline of your body toward your chin.

3. Integrate/Synthesize - Exhale

Question: What do you want to remember and sustain through this time (or moment) of change?
Meditation: I embrace my wholeness as I move forward on my path.
Physical: Drop your elbows down towards the earth, turning your palms to face forward.

4. Express (Internal Opening) - Inhale
Question: What does your inner sense tell you about your transition?
Meditation: I give myself all the time and space I need to ride this change.
Physical: Push your hands straight forward from the chest/heart.

5. Expand - Exhale
Question: What attitude do I want to have as I move into my next activity?
Meditation: I relax into the full expression of my being.
Physical: Raise your arms, softening your wrists so your fingertips turn toward each other, with the elbows bent slightly out , rounding your arms. When your arms are over your head, circle them out and away from each other to the sides of your body, palms out, bringing them down to just below shoulder height.

6. Contract - Inhale
Question: As I rest and reflect, what do I want in the next phase of my day?
Meditation: I am mindful and present as I end this transition and begin again.
Physical: Draw your hands back to your lower belly. edither rest them on your lower abdomen, with your left hand covering your right hand, or begin the form again.


Mary Esther Middleton

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